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Young Cultural Changemakers: creativity for change in Slough

Date Created: 17th Jul 2023

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On 4th July, we had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented Slough-based artist, Fahima Mahbub, to conduct a workshop, which was co-facilitated by her daughter, Prima Gouse, with young people from Slough Arts Forum. The venue was Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy, a hub of creativity and innovation, perfectly suited for our artistic exploration. 

Fahima Mahbub is an artist with a vision, transforming plastic waste into breath-taking pieces of art. Her dedication to environmental sustainability and creativity aligns perfectly with Artswork’s mission to promote the arts and culture as a means to effect positive change in society.  

The workshop commenced with eager anticipation as young participants gathered around Fahima, who graciously shared her insights and techniques for transforming discarded plastic bottles into stunning jars. The room soon buzzed with enthusiasm and creativity, as young artists eagerly engaged in the process, giving new life to what was once considered waste. 

The tangible impact of creativity on the environment was visible as these young changemakers turned “trash” into treasures. Witnessing their creations taking shape, the joy and sense of accomplishment on their faces were undeniable. It was a beautiful reminder that creativity can also encourage environmental consciousness, transforming the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. 

This workshop was about valuing the thoughts and opinions of these young participants, making sure they know that their voices matter and that they are instrumental in bringing change to their communities. The information gathered during these discussions about their local spaces will feed directly into the Changemakers’ cultural commissions. This means that the ideas and perspectives shared by these young minds will help in organising impactful and meaningful creative projects in the future and in turn, making a difference in their communities.   

Artswork is committed to nurturing the creative potential of young people, and this workshop was a testament to the power of creativity in fostering a sense of purpose and agency in the next generation. We are grateful to Fahima Mahbub for hosting this workshop and to the young participants and Slough Arts Forum for their enthusiasm and engagement as we amplify these young voices to make a difference in Slough and beyond. 



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