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Our work with local communities

Ensuring the arts ‘work’ for everyone as together we build better creative communities

We work directly with a diverse range of local communities across the South East, both through large-scale programmes and targeted interventions.

By supporting local partnerships across cultural organisations, Local Authorities, education and more we are working to create lasting change. Through our Partnership Investment programme, we work to at least double amounts invested in arts and cultural activity, and to influence the policy and practice of those whose work is about achieving better outcomes for children and young people.

We are working to engage underserved communities and understand what changes will make the work of our organisation more helpful, relevant and open to participation.

Young Cultural Changemakers

As part of Artswork’s ambitions to empower young people across the South East through creativity, we are excited to be focussing our work in 5 key local areas in 2023 – 26, where we will explore youth-led placemaking through our Young Cultural Changemakers programme.

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International Outreach

Artswork has a keen interest in benefitting from global learning and international connectivity, and we continue to explore opportunities for international work.

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Cultural Education Partnerships

Through our role as the South East Bridge Organisation (2010 - 2023), Artswork supported the creation of 14 Cultural Education Partnerships across the South East.

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