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Creative Careers at Year 5

Invigorate your classroom by introducing your pupils to the world of film

Welcome to Creative Careers, an innovative project designed to empower upper key stage 2 children by merging learning and creativity through the magic of filmmaking.  Children will have the chance to explore the diverse world of the film industry. Through a series of ten short videos. Industry professionals will take you behind the scenes, sharing their expertise and experiences. These professionals will explain their roles in film production, shedding light on the intricate web of creativity and teamwork that brings a movie to life.

Hands-On Learning and Skill Development

In addition to learning about various roles in the film industry, we provide exciting tasks for your pupils to try out and develop key skills for these jobs. From screenwriting to video editing, audio control to costume design, your pupils will have the chance to roll up their sleeves and experience the thrill of turning their ideas into reality.

A Comprehensive Six-Week Scheme of Work

We’ve created a comprehensive six-week scheme of work to enable schools to make the most of the project. This scheme includes detailed lesson plans and activities that are easy to integrate into your curriculum. It’s designed to enable you to hold an off timetable “film week”, during which your pupils can put into practice the skills and knowledge they’ve gained throughout the project.

Bringing It All Together – The Film Premiere

Your students could have the chance to showcase their creativity, teamwork, and newfound knowledge as they organise and host their own film premiere. This is an opportunity for them to shine and take pride in their hard work while experiencing the thrill of a red-carpet event right in their own school.  This is not a mandatory part of the project, but something we encourage as a way to celebrate their creation.



State School 

Year 1- £200

Subsequent Years- £80

Independent School

Year 1- £350

Subsequent Years- £100

If you live in a Priority Place, this course is available to your school completely free of charge, to find out if you are eligible, please see our map here, which outlines Priority Places.

To find out more or to register your interest, email us-, or visit our learning portal- Creative Careers at Year 5 (

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