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Creative Producer Louise Webb on Dover Changemakers Programme

Date Created: 6th Dec 2023

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We spoke with Placemaking Creative Producer Louise to find out more about Young Cultural Changemakers in Dover…

What are common themes of conversations you’re having with young people in Dover?

Throughout the consultation process with young people in Dover, the theme of nature has been a consistent interest. This has led to questions being asked being that are more specific to nature. The main questions asked have been “What do you enjoy doing in Dover” and “What would you like to be added to outside spaces you use”We have had a large response to these questions with over 500 young people being consulted throughout open access or in groups.  

Nature and its connection to wellbeing and sustainability has been noted often.

” I enjoy going to the beach because it helps me feel calm” – Young person, Age 14

” I like going on my Bike because it takes my mind of things” – Young person, Age 10 

” I enjoy playing football at the park but it takes me half an hour to get there” – Young person, Age 9 

The need for quiet spaces or places to relax has also been noted often.

“I like to go to the library because its quiet” – Young person, Age 13 

My favourite place is the coffee shop because I can meet friends and relax” – Young person, Age 14

Where is the project at right now?

We have another open access creative consultation on 9th December at the ‘Meet the Reindeers’ event, which will be held at Market Square, Dover.  

Then we will have four more creative consultations to go!  

We have an exciting school project happening with a local MAT ( Multi Academy Trust) that will be creating artworks for a local projection festival. Students from different schools from The Samphire Education Trust are redesigning the niches with ideas and values that they think Dover should have now. 

For the school intervention project, we are doing a series of art-based workshops based around niches that were discovered in the renovation project at the Maison Dieu, we are partnering with the Reawakening the Maison Dieu project on this. 

We’ve also partnered up with with Maison Dieu on a series of projects including a creative careers event, school projects and a projection festival.

We have created three creative commissions: 

  1. A project that has already started looking at nature and wellbeing
  2. Another project that is just beginning, with young people involved creating an artwork for their new space in Dover
  3. Finally, a project that will begin in January, focused on the River Dour. 

What have you most enjoyed working on so far?

The whole experience has been brilliant, being able to experience and learn from the creativity and care for Dover that the young people we have been consulting and supporting the creative commissions of, is a joy! I cannot wait to experience more!

This programme is made possible with support from Arts Council England. 


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