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Artswork launches brand new podcast with series about arts and creativity in schools

Date Created: 5th Oct 2021

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Artswork has today launched its very own podcast with a three-part series about arts and creative education.

The first series is aimed at teachers, as our Education Development Managers take a dive into arts and cultural education, interviewing three inspirational teachers, who offer insight into their practices and the importance they put on teaching creative subjects.

Episode 1 sees Eleanor Markland, Artswork’s Education Development Manager for Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, joined by Jonathan Harris, Head of Academy Music at The Premier Academy, Bletchley, to talk about bringing sustainability into arts and cultural education.

You can listen to the first episode here.

The idea for a podcast developed over summer 2021, with a wealth of content being produced in an interview/presentation style over Zoom. This, coupled with many people within the creative industry and education sector being increasingly time poor, saw audio content become a realistic option. Creating this type of content also meant the enthusiasm and passion conveyed through speaking wouldn’t be lost, and instead would be available in a format that allows the audience to take in the content how they wish, and when they want.

Going forward, Artswork hopes to produce audio content not only for teachers, but for creative practitioners, arts and cultural organisations, and young people as well.

Listen to the Artswork Audio trailer below:

You can find our podcast right here on our website, on AnchorFM, Castbox, or on Spotify


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