Linking Creativity to Wellbeing: Take the Great British Creativity Test!

Date Created: 21st Mar 2018

Man playing guitar, women knitting, girl taking a photo with an SLR camera, women dancing, woman holding flowers

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Singing in the shower or painting a picture makes you feel good, right? Scientists want to better understand just why getting creative has such an effect on boosting your mood and explore how creative activities can benefit our mental health. Take the Great British Creativity Test to discover how you stack up against the nation, or read on to discover what scientists are hoping to learn.

What is the Great British Creativity Test?

The Great British Creativity Test is a Citizen Science experiment where members of the Great British public are asked to answer a short questionnaire about their hobbies and pastimes, and how these activities make them feel. It has been commissioned by BBC Arts and Tomorrow’s World as part of the Get Creative Festival, more than 1,000 events happening up and down the UK from 17-25 March to encourage people to try something new and creative.

Find out more and take the test here


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