Urban Vocal Group member Victoria tells of her week of work experience in arts marketing

Date Created: 16th Oct 2017

Victoria stood in front of the Artswork logo on a wall

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As a member of Urban Vocal Group, Portsmouth, I was asked if I wanted to take part in a trial-run of Gold Arts Award. As part of the Award I had to complete some work experience within the sector. Due to my interest in the background of how arts and culture are advertised, I decided that I wanted to explore arts marketing for this unit. I asked some of the staff I knew and my adviser for the best place to complete my work experience and Artswork was recommended.

When I contacted Artswork asking to complete my work experience they were friendly and welcomed the idea. Shortly after our initial conversation, we decided that my work placement would take place over 4 days. This was going to be a new and exciting experience; I had never been in a busy office environment before.

I was introduced to Comms team member, Elspeth. We met to discuss what my week would be about so I could set aims for myself that I wanted to achieve as part of the placement. I was then shown around the office and met some of Artswork’s wider staff team. They were all very welcoming and seemed happy to meet me, so I felt at ease.

I was then set my first task – to research different arts and culture websites that might be used by 15 to 25 year olds. This was interesting as each site seemed to take its own approaches and had its own style. As I worked through the task I became more and more interested in how each site was styled to attract its target audience, a key part of arts marketing.

Next, I was set a researching task to find out what types of social media 15-25 year olds in the UK used most frequently. This was then narrowed down to South East England (the main region Artswork works in). It was interesting to learn that so much research is needed to discover the best ways to advertise a campaign or performance, to ensure that the most people from your target audience are able to engage with your work.

As each day passed, I was given more tasks that were based around marketing research. This was great as I was able to experience a part of what is needed in arts marketing. Also, with a friendly team around me I knew I could go to them if I was stuck.

I believe that my time at Artswork was something that I will always remember, due to my new understanding of arts marketing and how rewarding the process can be when the campaigns are a success.

Working towards my Gold Arts Award is very rewarding, as it has allowed me to discover new interests that without the award, I would never had the chance to discover.

Words by Victoria

First published: Tuesday 7th March, 2017


Arts Award For 15 – 25 yrs Work-based learning

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