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Wrapping up 2023 and a peek into this year

Date Created: 10th Jan 2024

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As we begin the year 2024, we’d like to reflect upon some of the milestones and achievements that have define 2023 for Artswork.

  • Young Cultural Changemaker Programmes 

Through our co-produced placemaking programmes, we have listened to the voices of 1703 young people in creative workshops from virtual reality workshops in Slough to circus skills sessions in the New Forest. The iconic ‘Chips’ the seagull sculpture in Littlehampton stands as a testament to the community’s embrace of youth-led initiatives. Young people have had numerous opportunities to explore their creativity and voice their opinions in Dover, Arun, the New Forest, Isle of Wight and Slough where our Young Cultural changemakers are leading various projects.  

  • Empowering Young people: Breakthrough Programme, Rise Bursaries, APD Courses and Choices 

The Breakthrough Programme has seen 20 young individuals complete their initial training, and put their newfound skills into use in their workplaces across the South East. Furthermore, the introduction of Rise bursaries has opened doors for young creatives, with a staggering 54 applications received. 

We ran 25 live APD Courses expanded our course catalogue to include many new topics and added free training for those in Priority Places.  

We piloted and began delivering our Choices programmes for Year 6 & Year 7 pupils using the arts to tackle youth violence across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. So far, the project has delivered 17 training sessions, with a further 34 sessions booked to be delivered over the rest of the academic yearThe project has gained significant attention, including a piece on ITV Meridian news and Artswork staff will be presenting at a conference on Violence Reduction this month.   

  • Hello 2024!

As we begin 2024, we are ready for an exciting journey. Highlights to look forward to include: Rise bursaries, the expansion of the Breakthrough Programme, and more youth led creative projects. 2024 will provide many opportunities to get involved with our work, from taking on an Apprentice in your organisation to attending our professional development courses. 

This year, our commitment is stronger than ever with a clearer vision of empowering young people through creativity 

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