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Our work with education settings

Supporting arts and cultural education, in a curriculum increasingly squeezed of its creativity.

Using valuable tools including Artsmark and Arts Award, we provide support to teachers working to champion the vital role of the arts in children and young people’s lives.


Creative Schools Programmes, 2020 - 2023

Supported with investment from the Department for Education, Artswork has delivered an ambitious Schools Programme from 2020-2023. Working with teachers from across the South East we have nurtured new partnerships and provided peer support to increase the access of children and young people to high quality arts and cultural experiences.

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Arts Award

Supporting under-25s to develop as artists and arts leaders, Arts Award helps build confidence and prepares young people for further education or employment.

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Lyric Writing Teacher’s Resource

In 2020, we collaborated with the Young Urban Arts Foundation to host an exclusive performance and lyric-writing workshop for staff, children and young people from South East settings on their Artsmark journey. Led by Mister Lees from YUAF this inspiring event explored warm-ups, concepts, lyric writing and rehearsals to enhance the participant’s abilities to write and perform songs.

To accompany the event, all attendees got access to a resource booklet and set of video tutorials.

View the resource booklet here.

View all the video tutorials on our YouTube channel here.




Artswork Audio

Our brand new podcast, with our first series focusing on arts and culture in schools.

The first series consists of three episodes that see our Education Development Managers joined by an inspirational teacher from the South East, who has championed arts and cultural education in their school, offering insight into their practices and the importance they put on teaching creative subjects.

Artswork Audio: Arts in Schools: Episode 1: Creativity and Sustainability (with Jonathan Harris); Episode 2: Teaching for Creativity (with Sarah Lewis); Episode 3: Delivering Extra-Curricular Activities (with Sam Martin)

Listen to the full first series here.

Connecting with Culture

The quick, easy way for schools to connect with arts and cultural organisations

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Across the South East region, teachers face barriers looking for and providing arts and cultural activities for pupils.

Working primarily as a search engine, has been created by Artswork as a simple way for organisations that work with children and young people to connect with arts and culture on their doorstep. Whether you’re a teacher, youth worker, youth justice team, lecturer, youth or education service, this is the best place for you to search, connect with, and review arts & cultural organisations across the South East. You can even add your own organisation to the site to share details of your offer.

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