Head and shoulders portrait of Jane Mitchell

Jane Mitchell

Administration & Communications Officer: Leadership, Skills and Enterprise

Jane Mitchell joined Artswork in June 2017 as a Creative Apprenticeship Assessor. Jane is responsible for the assessment of Apprentices within their workplace ranging from Theatres to Art Galleries. Jane brings a wealth of experience in motivating young people within Apprenticeships to ensure successful outcomes.

Prior to Artswork Jane has worked with many Apprentices in her role as an Assessor in a wide variety of Organisations including Theatre, Business and Sales. Jane has also spent many years working within Training and Development environments.

Jane has a BA Hons in English and a great love of all things literary including running a Book Club for over ten years with many visits to literary festivals and theatre.

In January 2019, Jane took on the role of Administration & Communications Officer in the Leadership, Skills and Enterprise team.


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