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black and white image of Jane, an older white female with shoulder length blonde hair.

Jane Mitchell (She/Her/Hers)

Apprenticeship Trainer

Jane Mitchell joined Artswork in June 2017 as a Creative Apprenticeship Assessor. Jane is responsible for the assessment of Apprentices within their workplace ranging from Theatres to Art Galleries. Jane brings a wealth of experience in motivating young people within Apprenticeships to ensure successful outcomes.

Prior to Artswork Jane has worked with many Apprentices in her role as an Assessor in a wide variety of Organisations including Theatre, Business and Sales. Jane has also spent many years working within Training and Development environments.

Jane has a BA Hons in English and a great love of all things literary including running a Book Club for over ten years with many visits to literary festivals and theatre.

Jane lives in the countryside and in her spare time enjoys gardening, walking, music festivals, and concerts.

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