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Environmental Posters – Office & Staff Carbon Footprint

Date Created: 9th Sep 2022

Screenshot of all 3 environmental posters made by Kickstarter Kiera

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As part of our environmental journey, Artswork’s Environmental Officer, Grace Jackson, worked with cohort 3 Kickstarter, Kiera, to conduct research and produce bright, eye catching posters to adorn the walls of our Southampton office.

These posters are a simple yet effective reminder of the small, yet easy, actions we can take to lower our office and staffs overall carbon footprint.

  • Poster 1: Saving Energy in the Officer
  • Poster 2: Digital Carbon Footprint
  • Poster 3: 10 Easy Ways to Save Energy and the Planet, Wherever You Are

We spend far more time looking at posters than we realise, and always encourage our staff to adopt environmentally behaviours. Why not adopt them in your workplace too? Click the button below to download and print for your workplace’s wall.

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