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RE/CREATIONS: Re-engaging Young Offenders

Date Created: 3rd Sep 2014

Cut out written phases displayed in a column which when put togther read 'I am..../ Good at putting on a smile/ a sad song playing on repeat/ broken/ a fixer/ Ignorant/ confused by life/ Feeling the weight of responsibility/ Always defying death/ Someone that likes pain: random/ Afraid about what I might miss out on/ A person who lives with ODD and ADHD/ Always dying my hair/ Wondering why.../ Very patient/ A student/ Constantly trying to better myself/ A person that likes playing football/ a person observing

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In Southampton, there has been a clear link between re-offending and lack of engagement with education. Over 50% of young people who worked with the Youth Offending Service (YOS) in 2012 / 13 were not engaged in full time education, training and employment. Over two thirds of young people entering custody were NEET.

A significant number of young people who come into contact with the local youth offending service have had very poor experiences of education. This can be for a number of reasons: they may have diagnosed or undiagnosed learning difficulties, they may have behavioural problems, experience mental illness and may have very limited family support.

The John Hansard Gallery believes that the arts and culture can play an important part in supporting young people back into education, developing a more positive sense of self through their participation in creative practice and discovering the arts. Using creativity and the Arts Award qualification as a platform for re-engagement, young people who participated in the RE/CREATIONS programme were provided with an opportunity to develop their personal, social and basic skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT in an informal learning programme that is both innovative and engaging.



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